Your Annual Accounting Checklist

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To save yourself the back and forth of numerous phone calls, emails and office visits, get yourself organised in advance and bring all of these documents with you for your end of year tax appointment.

  • Copies of June bank statements and credit card statements showing the balance at 30 June for the concluding tax year.
  • Copies of any business loan statements
  • Tax invoices and finance contracts for any new equipment or vehicles purchased.
  • Annual tax statements for investments, rental properties, private health insurance.
  • PAYG Payment summaries for yourself and any issued by the business to employees.
  • Details of stocktake, or estimate of value of goods on hand, or work performed but not yet invoiced.
  • Details of suppliers that the business owes at30 Juneof the concluding tax year.
  • Details of customers that owe you money at30 Juneof the concluding tax year.

Got a question about what you need to bring?

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